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Iphone 4 Buy Back

Looking for a quick and easy option? Consider selling your old device to a buy-back service. Although it's not entirely without risk -- if the old iPhone isn't in the condition you said it was, for example if it is a broken iPhone, you may not get the full value quoted by the buyer -- it does minimize the time and hassle, especially compared with trying to sell it yourself on, say, eBay or Craigslist.

iphone 4 buy back

There are traditional trade-in options like those offered by Apple and Best Buy (see the next section), and then there are buy-and-sell marketplaces like those listed below. Before you spend a lot of time hopping from one to another to get quotes, head to Flipsy, which compares US trade-in values at multiple buy-back stores. It shows you the payment methods, price-lock duration (that's how long you have before you need to send the phone in) and price based on the condition of the old device. (Because each buyback program and store is little different when it comes to "condition" definitions, Flipsy doesn't drill down beyond phone model, carrier and storage.) SellCell is another price-comparison service for anyone looking to score top dollar for an old iPhone.

Decluttr may have the fastest quote generator of any buy-back site. You type the brand and model of your phone, choose it from the list that appears and presto: Instant quote. (You may have to click a few times to change the carrier and the phone's condition.) It's worth noting that Decluttr's "good" option is the best condition you can select; it might equate to "excellent" elsewhere.

An honorable mention goes to Swappa, which has a sky-high TrustPilot score (4.8) but isn't really a buyback service. Rather, it's a marketplace designed to connect buyers and sellers. Think eBay, but with a focus on devices like your iPad, iPhone or other Apple product. To list your older iPhone (which doesn't guarantee a sale), you must first create a Swappa account and then connect a PayPal account. You also set your asking price, which necessarily includes a sale fee, but not any additional PayPal fees that may apply.

Worth the extra effort? Perhaps: Swappa recommended a sale price of $646 for my iPhone 13, while noting that the same phone had recently sold for $596 -- still higher than most buy-back services and more than enough extra to put towards a couple of new iPhone cases for your next phone. But a marketplace is almost always going to net you a higher profit (see below).

Want to cut out the middleman, so to speak? You can start by going back to the source. That can be either the manufacturer or a big-box retailer, the largest of which generally offer solid trade-in options for a new device. Consider two of the biggest fish in the pond: Apple and Best Buy.

One concern is that if you sell your old smartphone immediately, you'll be phoneless until the new one arrives. Thankfully, many of the aforementioned buy-back and trade-in services give you a grace period (also known as a "price lock") of up 30 days after selling your phone before you have to send it in -- time enough, hopefully, to purchase and receive your new phone and get everything migrated over (including the SIM card -- don't forget that!). Since the iPhone 14 is just a few months old, this is less of an issue currently.

Getting ready to trade in is easy. If your smartphone is an iPhone, you need to back up your data as well as know your Apple ID and Password so you can turn off Find My iPhone when the courier arrives. If your smartphone is an Android, you need to back up your data and download the Verify app.

Select the sell item button if you agree with the price that is displayed above. All quotes outlined above are good for 30 days upon checkout. Once you have completed the checkout process simply print the shipping label, box your item(s), and ship them free of charge to us. The faster you ship the item(s) to us the quicker you get paid!iCloud locked phones are not accepted. Please turn off iCloud lock prior to shipping to GreenBuyback.

Looking to get cash for your Cracked iPhone 4? Your cracked iPhone 4 still has value! Sell it back to GreenBuyback. We will pay for your iPhone 4 in any cracked, damaged, water damaged or broken condition. GreenBuyback purchases cell phones and tablets at the highest prices in the industry! GreenBuyback pays cash for your old cell phones and tablets. When you sell your cell phones or tablets to GreenBuyBack you will never have to pay to ship. GreenBuyBack is dedicated to maximizing the cash back to our customers.

GreenBuyback, LLC All Rights Reserved, Patents Pending. GreenBuyback is not affiliated with the manufacturers of the items available for trade- in. GreenBuyback and the GreenBuyback logo are trademarks of GreenBuyback, LLC, registered in the U.S. All other trademarks, logos and brands are the property of their respective owners.

Brightstar, which describes itself as the \"largest specialized distributor and leading buyback and trade-in provider\" in the wireless industry, is one of Apple's recycling partners. When customers click on Apple's recycling link to recycle a device, they're taken to Brightstar's website.

Apple hasn't said how many devices it has recycled, but Brightstar says it recycles or remarkets more than 10 million devices each year. Based in Miami, Brighstar has operations in over 30 countries. The company declined to comment if it processes Apple's devices at its \"buy-back, trade-in\" processing center in Libertyville, Illinois.

While it is also possible to trade in your old iPhone to your cell phone plan carrier, the money they will give you for your mobile phone will be less than an online buyback program company will offer. In addition, badly damaged iPhones are usually excluded from these offers.

Gadget Pickup is another buy-back service that is easy to use is. They offer instant quotes for broken, cracked, internally faulty, or liquid-damaged iPhones. Gadget Pickup pays via check, PayPal, Cash App, or Zelle within two days of iPhone receipt. Customer service is their priority.

Smartphone Plus buys all kinds of broken or faulty iPhones with higher-than-standard cash offers. They provide packaging material if you need it and pay cash same-day via PayPal or check. If you decide to decline their offer for any reason, they will ship your iPhone back for free.

Obviously when selling your old iPhone you want the highest trade in value possible. SellCell helps you get the most cash by comparing prices from all the various different buyers. This is backed up by our Best Price Guarantee which gives you peace of mind that if you find a better price elsewhere then we'll pay you double the difference!

There are lots of Apple iPhone Buyback programs out there. The wireless carriers such as AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc. all offer an iPhone buyback program. Then there are the big retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy & Target that offer a buyback service. Then there are numerous dedicated cell phone buyback companies that specialize solely in cell phone buyback such as Gazelle, Decluttr, ItsWorthMore, etc.

There are lots of websites where you can sell iPhones but they all pay different prices and there can be a big difference between the highest and lowest prices. It takes time searching all the iPhone buyback companies for the best deal. This is where SellCell comes in. Our unique price comparison engine does the hard work for you by comparing prices from all the leading online iPhone buyback companies in the US in seconds to get you the best deal. As we compare more Apple iPhone trade in companies than anyone else you are always guaranteed of the most cash when selling an iPhone!

NextWorth and Gazelle offer to lock in prices so customers will know how much they'll be paid for their used iPhones but will still have enough time to buy and activate new phones before they have to ship their old ones to the buyback company.

Before you trade in your iPhone or other devices, you should first back up your data and reset your device to factory conditions to remove all your data. Finally, make sure to remove it from the list of your Apple trusted devices. 041b061a72


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