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Oliver Myers
Oliver Myers

Free ##HOT## Self Hosted Remote Browser With Isolation: BrowserGap

BrowserGap is open source and I liked that. There are certain situations where you have to hide your real location while browsing internet and I think this tool here is meant for that. So, if you are looking for a free remote browser then just give it a try. On its homepage, there are links to the hosted versions. But I will suggest you to use it on your own server for maximum speed.

Free Self Hosted Remote Browser with Isolation: BrowserGap


Oni is a HTML/CSS/JavaScript interactive mask or "browser remote control" (inlcuding a front-end that works just like a browser). And it is fully programmable, and you can deliver it as a web app. So you get a browser within a browser, basically. It connects to a browser you run locally or in the cloud via DevTools. The connected browser can be headless or not. Oni don't care.

This means you can customize the browsing experience however you like, without having to fork it or modify its source code. You can even run supreme-architect remotely in the cloud against a headless browser and connect to it from anywhere. Or you can run it on your device.More than that you can build atop the Browser in ways that you can't using WebExtension APIs or with the DevTools protocol.

This is a feature-complete, clientless, remote browser isolation product, in HTML/JavaScript that runs right in your browser. Integrated with a secure document viewer (available on request), this can provide safe remote browser isolation at deployments of any size. It also saves you bandwidth (on the last hop, anyway).

You can stream a remote browser with special cusotmizations to your clients to side step the restrictions of regular browsers. You can use it to build rich experiences based on the browser that are not possible using Flash, Browser Extensions or regular Web Driver protocol.


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