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The Ultimate Guide to Horizon Setup v2 5 3 0 exe: Features, Benefits, and Tips

Hello Carl, We are using in the Platform vsphere 6.5U3 and horizon version 7.5.2 (connection server), VDI are configured instant clone non persistency. We have done a failover test , power off the Esxi and HA kicks in , but end user experience is like that : cannot resume his previous session or old vdi vm, the user have to relogin BUT got a new VM VDI .

Horizon Setup v2 5 3 0 exe

Hi Carl,Recently i re-generated my VC certificate due to certificate expired, i have tried to import the new cert to the horizon server. Although horizon connection server dashboard show green for vcenter, the associated datastores r missing. when trying to recompose of existing VM pool failed due to unable to find any VC.Need some guidance on how to resolve the issue.thanks

In 7.13 enable HTML access on the pools(instant/dedicated) is removed after modifications on the pools. Release notes of 7.13 ( -Horizon-7/7.13/rn/horizon-713-view-release-notes.html) says HTML access would be removed upon modification of a pool but how to enable it back is not mentioned. Have you seen this behaviour?

The second question: horizon upgrade by installing new composer and connection server and then remove old servers (composer and connection server) or is it possible to upgrade in place composer and connection servers.

Hi Carl,Is there a way to get the list of horizon client versions used by the users. I know that we can see it in new html5 admin console but I am looking for list of 1000 users so looking them individually wont work. I tried vrops 8 too but I could find a way to get it. Please help. Thanks.

I though easiest way with almost zero downtime would just be establish a second parallel horizon environment and when everything is working, just switch the vms / physical machines from the current horizon environment to the new one.

With this series of posts, Id like to demonstrate how you can build such an environment for the described use-cases on your own and whats necessary to offer it as a VDI desktop to your team or external employers. This will include the setup of a VMware Horizon Connection Server (broker for client connections), the installation, configuration and preperation of the Linux distributions Ubuntu and CentOS and how you can turn them into a universal workbench for development and operations.

Caution: If you are using the AUX inputs on your current setup of the 5200, you will need to send the instrument to YSI for an upgrade. The firmware that is downloaded will not allow the AUX ports to be as accurate as your current setup so YSI will perform a calibration. Please contact Technical Support,, for a Service Request number to get your 5200 upgraded and calibrated.


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