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Pastimes The Context Of Contemporary Leisure 5th Edition Ebook

Deciding what to include in a list of hobbies provokes debate because it is difficult to decide which pleasurable pastimes can also be described as hobbies. During the 20th century the term hobby suggested activities, such as stamp collecting, embroidery, knitting, painting, woodwork, and photography. Typically, the description did not include activities like listening to music, watching television, or reading. These latter activities bring pleasure, but lack the sense of achievement usually associated with a hobby. They are usually not structured, organized pursuits, as most hobbies are. The pleasure of a hobby is usually associated with making something of value or achieving something of value. "Such leisuis socially valorized precisely because it produces feelings of satisfaction with something that looks very much like work but that is done of its own sake."[5] "Hobbies are a contradiction: they take work and turn it into leisure, and take leisure and turn it into work."[11] A 2018 study using survey results identified the term "hobby" to most accurately describe activities associated with making or collecting objects, especially when done alone.[6]

pastimes the context of contemporary leisure 5th edition ebook



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