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Jungle Warriors Full Movie Online Free [VERIFIED]

JOE MORTON:This is a world ruled by spirits and demons, a world where powerfuldreams and hallucinations are everyday events. This is the land of theYanomami and it is a world marked by aggression and revenge. These boys arepracticing to be warriors. Young men must learn to fight with fierceness andcourage. In this world, the respected warrior is a man who not only defendsthe group from attack, but who will take part in raiding parties to avenge thedeaths of fallen warriors and steal women. Old scores can linger for decades.Here, deep in the rain forest, live a people who are descendants of theoriginal inhabitants of the Amazon. They live in ways similar to theirancestors of two thousand years ago, following age old traditions. Thelifestyle of the Yanomami was virtually unchanged until the 1950's whenoutsiders began to establish permanent contact with some villages. Along withtrade goods, this contact has brought deadly diseases. Once twenty-fivethousand strong, in the last forty years, their population has been cut inhalf. Their vast jungle territory overlaps the borders between Brazil andVenezuela. Venezuela has given legal protection to Yanomami land and therevillages still maintain the traditional way of life. We are on our way to thevillage of Karoheteri, located near a tributary of the Orinoco River. Here,the influence of the twentieth century is only beginning to be noticed. Thisis a typical Yanomami village. Everyone lives together in this communalstructure called a shabono, where each family hangs its hammocks at their ownhearth. Hisiwe is head shaman of this village. He has decided to hold a feastto try to make peace with a group of former enemies. The dispute has kept thetwo groups apart for twenty years. Hisiwe must organize the construction of anew shabono so his village can accommodate up to two hundred guests for threedays. It is always risky to have enemies in your home territory, and it's noteasy to change a former enemy into an ally. Exactly why Hisiwe has decided todo this now is not clear. The quest for a wife shapes Yanomami society. Thegreat value of a woman lies beyond her daily labors. It is only through a wifethat a husband gets his most important allies for a raiding party, hisbrothers-in-law. And it is the in-law relationship that forms the basis for aman's power. The foundation of Yanomami society is reciprocity. The idealperson is one who is hospitable, gives gifts, including prized wads of tobacco,and shares food with their friends. Hisiwe knows that by receiving food, he isembracing the obligation to return the favor. This is one aspect of anelaborate game of exchange that shapes Yanomami life. But another lessfamiliar aspect of reciprocity is vengeance. The skills of a warrior peoplemust be acquired at a young age. Children must learn to endure pain withoutcomplaint and develop extreme physical endurance. They are taught that everyinjury suffered must be repaid. While this may look like a game, this child'sfamily is teaching him that every blow demands a counter-blow. The necessityof these lessons is reinforced by the threat of warfare that over-shadows theirlives. Although men may only go off to fight two or three times a year, theylive in a state of vigilance. In their spiritual life, the Yanomami are alsoconstantly at war with demons and evil forces. Ritualized drug use helps toinvoke the power of the spirits. The hallucinogens they use are derived fromjungle plants. One of the most potent comes from the bark of a tree, Virolaelongata. This tree is one of about three hundred and fifty different plantsthat the Yanomami are able to identify and use. The raw bark goes throughfurther processing back at the village. Other hallucinogens like these seedsare also prepared. An extensive variety of drugs is used, individually andmixed together to bring on particular effects. The drugs wildly intensifysensations of color, shape and time. They bring visions of the spirit world.The Yanomami believe that all events in life happen as a result of theactivities of the spirits, including misfortune and disease. The shamans canharness the power of the spirits and use them either to cure or to kill. Aschief shaman, Hisiwe is the acknowledge master at summoning spirits. Here, heallows himself to be taken over by the moon spirit. Once summoned, the spiritsare put to work against the diseases now threatening to overwhelm the Yanomami.Over the past few days, a woman from the village has become very ill with aburning fever. Her name is Kariana. Many western diseases have been introducedin the Amazon region. The Yanomami have little or no resistance to them. Theyconsider shamanism their only defense. They believe all disease is caused byspirits and can be cured only by controlling the powers of the spirits. Here,the shamans draw the sickness up through the patient and then cast it out tothe ground. Evil spirits are sent by their enemies. Hisiwe searches in thedust for the tracks left behind by enemy shamans, evidence of witchcraft byhostile Yanomami communities. He finds the path of the shaman Hairaroma.Hisiwe is taken over now by one of the rainbow demons. It allows him to make adiagnosis.

Jungle Warriors full movie online free

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